MASAYA exhibition




Masks are wonderful tools. As with everything that MASAYA does, the masks are created collectively. Participants are presented with a series of blank masks and asked to reflect on a power or strength of womanhood with which they would like to connect or reconnect. Each woman then begins by decorating a small portion of the mask before passing it to the next participant to continue to develop. The mask creation process is always a unique and extraordinary way to invoke the strengths and powers that women share.


MASAYA has also created mask workshops for mothers and daughters to do together. In these, mothers work with their daughters to create a mask that expresses what they most love about being a girl.



Through a series of movement explorations, MASAYA workshops allow women to explore more deeply by using their bodies to access their subconscious. Exercises encourage participants to reflect on womanhood, their connection to the female collective, and the kind of world they want to create for the next generation of women and girls.


Each person chooses a mask to wear and takes on the task of embodying the attribute that it symbolizes. The brilliance of the mask lies in its ability to give the wearer a sense of both, anonymity and freedom. Through embodying their chosen mask, women step into a newer stronger version of themselves that they can reconnect with long after the workshop ends.