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Plutonyka is an interdisciplinary collective committed to the creation of transformative experiences that foster human connections through participatory arts. 


We interact with your ideas and perceptions of the world and take them to an unexpected level through sensory experiences.

In our day-to-day lives, immersed in our routine, we lose touch with ourselves. Plutonyka touches base with our essence, reflecting on who we are, the life we live in, our human connections and the society we want.  

Plutonyka was born from the need to reflect on the way we live today, our contact with other people and our role in society. We propose, and you lead the change.

Plutonyka is a non-profit organisation based in England. 


We co-create out of the box by using an experimental approach through participatory arts.




Belén's work explores human interactions, identity and feminism through collective participatory practices combining performance, visual art and installation. As an artist, collaborator and founder of interdisciplinary collective Plutonyka, she produces experiences that challenge art/audience relationships, creating spaces that push boundaries of personal interaction.



Natalia is a dramatherapist passionate about exploring the power of human connections through creative and participatory arts. She is currently interested in projects involving women and her work contains elements of improvisation, intuition and body movement. As one of the founders of Plutonyka, she searches for co-creative projects that inspire and empower their participants.


Helena Teira is an arts producer with a broad experience in marketing and fundraising within the cultural and charity sectors. Starting her practice in music and theatre performance, Helena was soon interested in festival producing as she wanted to approach arts to diverse audiences, and it was through producing how she was enabling audiences to get closer to the arts. Helena is now working with companies and venues whose mission is to approach arts to audiences from minority backgrounds. 


We collaborate with professionals to devise our works. The projects could not happen without these great collaborators.

MIKE DE LIS Composer & Multi-instrumentalist

SYLVAIN MOREAU Composer & Multi-instrumentalist

PITI VARELA Composer & Multi-instrumentalist

LAURA GUARCH Singer, Composer and Performance Maker

VALENTINA TERRITO Costume designer 

ZERKALO FILMS Independent film production company

ROCIO H.VALENTÍN Graphic Designer and Photographer

DAMIÁN MARTÍNEZ Graphic Designer

SARAH CASSIDY Inclusion Manager 


KIRSTY COX Photographer 

AMELIA HERNANDEZ Consultant in Innovation and Communication

KIMBERLIE BIRKS Art and Design Writer

ELLIE OGIDI Dramatherapist  


DAVID SÁNCHEZ App Developer 

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